Thursday, October 30, 2008

David Etzion

So, it appears that the last poster had managed to get the phone number and address of David Etzion, the owner and manager of Intlmove. It is:

David Etzion 
19707 Turnberry way #20C 
Aventura, FL 33180 
Phone: 305-937-2810 
Fax..: 305-937-1480 
I suggest that scammed-customers call and speak their mind to him directly.

A different angle...

Here's a customer that was ripped off in an entirely new way!

I am suddenly moving to New Zealand. I have contacted several of the recommended international movers posted on this site , and have been waiting for weeks for a quote. I then went on to IntlMOVE Inc. North Miami Beach, Fla; does anyone have any comments about them? We had our questions answered, so we thought, but now have some reservations. They asked for a deposit of $1200 and said when they received that, we would get a contract. They received it, and said that our file was being handed over to operations to arrange pickup, and we'd get a contract then. That was not what they said first. The complicated thing is our belongings are in the US at a friend's house and we are in Canada. When they contacted our friend for pickup, that is exactly what they said they would do - pickup. Initially, the quote included packing and inventory ; all of our things are packed and inventoried by us, but don't they have to also check this for custom and insurance purposes? Also, what is the best way to get insurance? I have asked them , but never received a response. There is only personal belongings (i.e. clothes, books, etc). I'd apprecaite your comments

$8,000 Rip-off!

Another one...

I looked up Intlmove and found disturbing evidence that others have been ripped off like myself. This is what prompted me to write this rip off report. 

Like in other reports I have read, I too cannot get anyone at Intlmove to handle my situation. I am told when I call to email them or call such and such to find out later that no one by that name exists. 

Anyhow, this is what happened, I was quoted $8400 for my shipment. Having never done this before, I was assured by the company that they will help me in every way from start to finish. The quote was based upon the items that I explained to them and they advised me how much space I needed. 

On Pick up day, they did not show up. I fought with them over the phone and the next day my pick up proceeded.

2 weeks later, I was told that my order was bigger than expected and slammed with a over charge. Now my $8,400 turned into $18,000. No Joke! Now, to be fair, there was alot of furniture but I explained this all in the beginning. I assumed the girl knew what cubic squares were and trusted that she was accurate.

I called the company, I was spoken to so rudely. I was told that basically, pay or you will start incurring storage fees untill it is paid at $300 per day. Then hung up on.

I called a few other companies and explained my situation, they were happy to collect my items and ship them for me at that point for half the cost of intlmove. I explained this to the rude man and he said, yes, thats fine but you will still need to pay $16,000 for the work which has already been done! Basically I was stuck. 

In the end, they gave me a time limit to pay at a slightly discounted rate of the rip off price and I did as I had no other options. I am still waiting for my shipment, who knows what will happen next.

This place seems to have no management as noone can handle a complaint. The sad part is that I was doing all this for my mom who has suffered a serious stroke. I moved her to Australia with me and hoped that bringing her furniture might make her feel happy. The money she has now, must last her for the rest of her life. She cannot afford to be ripped off by sharks like this. What Intlmove has done is a crime! 

Tampa, Florida

Just looking for money

A heartbreaking story from the web. Shame on you Intlmove!

Intlmove sent a pick up agent to Georgia and after that I didn't hear from them, a month later I emailed them. Four days later they answered me with a bill for $3,383. for overflow, professional packing and storage. When I sent a representative to pick up part of my load to reduce it they sent all my load to there warehouse in Florida. 

They wanted more money or they would auction my things. Mean time I have a sick mother, I'm sick myself and my grand daughter waiting for her toys and personal things. We had to rent a futton to sleep on and later turn it in because we couldn't even afford that and made a bed of foam and a wood panel placed on bricks.

I contacted every agency I could. The only one that helped some was Federal Maritime Commission. But Intlmove kept my money and I was forced to beg for money to get a deposit for another company to pick up my load and ship it for me. Now I'm still working on getting the rest of the money before my load gets to Puerto Rico.


My story

Here's what happened to me, as posted elsewhere on the web. Beware!

In my entire life, I have never seen anything like this. Allow me to give some highlights. The initial quote for my move from California to London was $1795 and 6 weeks. In the end the charge was $4,281.51 and the move has taken 18 weeks.

They sent me two sets of bills for supposed overages. The first I paid without comment, but at the second I protested. I emailed them asking to explain why they kept wanting more money and when it would stop. They responded by only one week after their request for funds charging my $600 to store my belongings because they had to put my move on 'hold' because I had not paid them. $600 for one week of storage!

They had all of my belongings and so I had very little bargaining power. All I can do is post reviews to sites like these to try to make sure no one has to go through this again.

The worst part of this is the unbelievable attitude that the staff has. They basically screamed at me if I was even a day late filling in some apparantly irrelevant paperwork, but took weeks to respond to me about where my stuff was. I have asked them repeatedly to let me speak to a manager about the egregious over-charges, but they have never gotten back to me.

Stay away from! 

Also, be sure to see this other review:

Ben m.
Mercer Island, Washington

Thief! Thief!

From Rip-off Report:

This company sent a quote and after I expressed intrest in the company and aggreed to use them another higher priced quote was sent.

I then signed a contract for that higher price with the final price clearly stated. Only to be told once they picked up my things that they needed thousands of dollars more. 

I was not told before I sent in a deposit that it would be non-refundable. So when I asked about a full refund I was told I could not have one.

I have been trying to call someone but no one wants to take my calls although soon after I call someone sends me an email.

Amherst, Ohio

Blantant crooks!

From Complaints Board: 


Posted: 2008-10-16 by Jacob Chandler [send email]
Fradulent charges
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Company information:
Intl Move
United States

Intl move are blantant crooks. After filling out there speadsheet that was provided on-line by INLTMove they gave us a bid for $2, 400. Once the movers came to my house we repeatadly asked to see if we are over the max allowable to us, they said no. Later the next day my wife recieved an email stating we owed them an additional $3, 050 for overflow. I called them, they told me I had two options, pay them the whole amount or pay an additional fee of $150 and take out items from our pallets. This whole thing is a fraud. now they have our stuff and won't give it back or our money. Do not use this company!!

Why Intlmove sucks?

Why this blog? I got screwed by Intlmove, after a very brief "google" search for Intlmove, I found that this same thing had happened to many other of their customers. I'm starting this blog to post some of our stories in an attempt to A) warn other would-be victims and B) show to Intlmove that just because they have possession of our belongings, they can't take advantage of that to extort us!

What intlmove does is very simple. They are a moving broker which provides very low quotes with great delivery times over the Internet. They have a very prompt and courteous agent who emails with potential customers, giving the impression of professionalism. The person I emailed with was "Mercedes". She was great.

But then as soon as they (or a company the sub-contracted to) comes to make a pick up, problems start. The stuff goes away without a hitch, and then it is first taken to an Intlmove warehouse where it is re-examined, and found to be more than what was quoted. Then a bill is sent for overage. In my case it was twice the original amount. If you pay this bill promptly, as I did, they'll even try again -- they hit me up with another fat bill. If you hesitate at all, even a few days just to ask for clarifications, they place your account on "hold", and then charge you a whopping penalty and storage fee. I did this, and was charged $600 for a 5 day delay on sending them their 3rd payment, while I was asking as to why they were charging this.

The kicker is the unbelievable rudeness and disrespect with which they treat the customers they are ripping off. They send "screaming" (ALL CAPS) emails if you wait even a day in paying them. On the other hand, if you write to them why they are charging you so much, they don't respond at all. I'm still waiting for a reply to my last inquiries as to why the charged me that 3rd fee. They imply that if you don't pay them, they won't deliver your belongings. They take advantage of their power over you. They require you to pay with wire transfer, so that you can't dispute the charge with a credit card company.

My company was paying for the move, and so I just paid their extortionate bills. But I hope that after reading this you pick a different mover. Check their references online!