Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Intlmove sucks?

Why this blog? I got screwed by Intlmove, after a very brief "google" search for Intlmove, I found that this same thing had happened to many other of their customers. I'm starting this blog to post some of our stories in an attempt to A) warn other would-be victims and B) show to Intlmove that just because they have possession of our belongings, they can't take advantage of that to extort us!

What intlmove does is very simple. They are a moving broker which provides very low quotes with great delivery times over the Internet. They have a very prompt and courteous agent who emails with potential customers, giving the impression of professionalism. The person I emailed with was "Mercedes". She was great.

But then as soon as they (or a company the sub-contracted to) comes to make a pick up, problems start. The stuff goes away without a hitch, and then it is first taken to an Intlmove warehouse where it is re-examined, and found to be more than what was quoted. Then a bill is sent for overage. In my case it was twice the original amount. If you pay this bill promptly, as I did, they'll even try again -- they hit me up with another fat bill. If you hesitate at all, even a few days just to ask for clarifications, they place your account on "hold", and then charge you a whopping penalty and storage fee. I did this, and was charged $600 for a 5 day delay on sending them their 3rd payment, while I was asking as to why they were charging this.

The kicker is the unbelievable rudeness and disrespect with which they treat the customers they are ripping off. They send "screaming" (ALL CAPS) emails if you wait even a day in paying them. On the other hand, if you write to them why they are charging you so much, they don't respond at all. I'm still waiting for a reply to my last inquiries as to why the charged me that 3rd fee. They imply that if you don't pay them, they won't deliver your belongings. They take advantage of their power over you. They require you to pay with wire transfer, so that you can't dispute the charge with a credit card company.

My company was paying for the move, and so I just paid their extortionate bills. But I hope that after reading this you pick a different mover. Check their references online!


Christopher said...

Thank you for this information! We had the same problem 6 years ago with another Florida moving company called "GlobeMovers" in Sunrise, FL.

The sad thing is they were found by the FBI to be fraudulent! We "won" the court case but have received, NO MONEY due to the State Atty office stating that there was nothing to seize (All their equipment and offices were leased. Go figure!)

We just got a quote from them (Lowest one yet) and I decided to do some due dilligence and I found you and many others who had complaints.

Thanks again for the warning!

Tante Pus said...

The better business bureau gives them a rating "B" which says to me that the problems posted here are rare and not typical of the service they offer. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

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