Thursday, October 30, 2008

$8,000 Rip-off!

Another one...

I looked up Intlmove and found disturbing evidence that others have been ripped off like myself. This is what prompted me to write this rip off report. 

Like in other reports I have read, I too cannot get anyone at Intlmove to handle my situation. I am told when I call to email them or call such and such to find out later that no one by that name exists. 

Anyhow, this is what happened, I was quoted $8400 for my shipment. Having never done this before, I was assured by the company that they will help me in every way from start to finish. The quote was based upon the items that I explained to them and they advised me how much space I needed. 

On Pick up day, they did not show up. I fought with them over the phone and the next day my pick up proceeded.

2 weeks later, I was told that my order was bigger than expected and slammed with a over charge. Now my $8,400 turned into $18,000. No Joke! Now, to be fair, there was alot of furniture but I explained this all in the beginning. I assumed the girl knew what cubic squares were and trusted that she was accurate.

I called the company, I was spoken to so rudely. I was told that basically, pay or you will start incurring storage fees untill it is paid at $300 per day. Then hung up on.

I called a few other companies and explained my situation, they were happy to collect my items and ship them for me at that point for half the cost of intlmove. I explained this to the rude man and he said, yes, thats fine but you will still need to pay $16,000 for the work which has already been done! Basically I was stuck. 

In the end, they gave me a time limit to pay at a slightly discounted rate of the rip off price and I did as I had no other options. I am still waiting for my shipment, who knows what will happen next.

This place seems to have no management as noone can handle a complaint. The sad part is that I was doing all this for my mom who has suffered a serious stroke. I moved her to Australia with me and hoped that bringing her furniture might make her feel happy. The money she has now, must last her for the rest of her life. She cannot afford to be ripped off by sharks like this. What Intlmove has done is a crime! 

Tampa, Florida


Anonymous said...

The story sounds awful. Although, I won't judge them based on just one blog review but I will check on others. Mean while, here's something yourreaders might want to know about intlmove.

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