Thursday, October 30, 2008

David Etzion

So, it appears that the last poster had managed to get the phone number and address of David Etzion, the owner and manager of Intlmove. It is:

David Etzion 
19707 Turnberry way #20C 
Aventura, FL 33180 
Phone: 305-937-2810 
Fax..: 305-937-1480 
I suggest that scammed-customers call and speak their mind to him directly.


Anonymous said...

INTLMOVE : I am not saying that I was ripped off. BUT I had to move from Houston back to Melbourne. Two major issues;
1) I was told 6-8 weeks for delivery by GIL, it's now 13 weeks and still not been delivered.
2) I was told by GIL that there are no more fee's/charges etc etc, but I find that I have had to pay another $1000.00AUD for things like, docking fee's (ie; to take the container off the ship) and quarantine fees (ie; to take things from point A to point B, have quarantine look at them and then to re-load them all.)
I don't think that these fee's are ripping me off (except the $460 for offloading the container) but after being specifically told by INTLMOVE's "GIL", that there are no more fee's etc, then these come as a nuisance and are annoying.
The length of time they take is APPALLING !!! These people at the least are totally incompetent or at the worst dishonest, still not sure which !

Anonymous said...

www.moving is a webpage dedicated to these kind of complaints about moving companies .
Why have you not posted your complaint there??

Anonymous said...

I never used another company to ship belongings but moving from USA to Europe with intlmove was a wrong move.

1. It took more than 4 months (and not the 6-8 weeks i was told)

2. A few boxes disappeared. Interestingly all and only the one with obvious commercial value...! In conclusion, do not put the belongings that mean something to you but have no value in the same box than the TV set.

3. Do not expect intlmove to help you. They were fast and insisting in requesting payment. Even for unexpected charges. Once the shipment was delivered with missing items, they just told me that all items were actually shipped to Europe and that I should check out MYSELF with the european delivery company !

4. These guys make you subscribe an insurance but it does not cover 'mysterious disappearances', i.e. the insurance won't pay unless the container was damaged.

5. It has been a year now and I haven't found the solution to have some cash back or even apologies.

I don't know if other companies are worse but I would not advise intlmove.

Anonymous said...

NIGHTMARE! International move to France. STAY AWAY... read on if you're curious!
Here's a description of their actual office: it's a tiny hole in the wall in a slum area. The office is approximately 100 square feet with three desks. The door has a grill with no actual handles. It only opens by keys. From the looks of it, the owner may actually live in the back. You would think the office is some kind of auto parts garage. They don't come to your house for an actual inspection/quote review. They guesstimate it on their ever changing website. Be aware! Their employees are always changing. Our designated sales member, David, was "terminated" after a month into our moving process. He was the only actual decent human being in the entire operation and we think it could have been a bait and switch kind of deal, because after David was "terminated" we could no longer speak to anyone on the phone for our issues. We had to "submit them in writing by email". The movers they contracted to pack our things had done so in a terrible manner. A friend of mine who was in international moving for 20 years was with us at the home while they packed and he was absolutely disgusted. They threw porcelain platters into a box and just taped it. Didn't wrap them at all. At first, they said they would charge for just the packing for a specific volume and for loading, then, once they got everything to their warehouse, they demanded $1000 more! We tried to email them and tell them the difference between "packing" and "loading" (even they had a blog posted about the difference) but they did not care. Since they had our stuff, they told us to put up or shut up. We tried calling, but they black listed us. No one was in the office EVER. No matter how many times we called throughout the day. What did it matter to them, right? They had $7000 of our money and $20000 worth of stuff. We even went all the way to their offices to straighten it out, but the owner David Etzion, freaked out on my husband and our friend - the shipping expert. We had to call the police TWICE to get him to speak with us. He wouldn't work with us to solve the issues. All we could get out was a container number. We had to check out the status of all of our contents and container through friends who work in the shipping industry, because they wouldn't tell us anything about our shipment. They even told us, "This is the last email you will get from us". So - zip - nothing! No word from them until we were spoken to by another French shipping company they contracted out. Of course, we had to pay an additional 800 euros to get our stuff. Basically, these guys are a sham. They originally quoted $5000. We paid $9000. They contract everything out. I could have done it all myself if I wasn't in such a rush to move (I only had three weeks to move an entire house and family). Run, far, far away!

Tante Pus said...

Again the Better Business bureau is the most reliable place to get information about any company. The owners name and address is listed on the web page as well as on the BBB page.
Read the reviews and add your own opinions here:
Which would be more believable than an anonymous blog.

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Constance Houck said...

Intlmove picked up my two pallets August 6 from Palm Bay Florida, with the assurance would be reunited with me in Portugal, I happily jumped on my plane a few days later.

It is now November 24 and I am freezing! My winter clothes are stuck in London along with pots, pans, cooking know. My stuff, and my boyfriend's stuff. I was told yesterday to expect my stuff the week of Dec. 6.

I suppose, if that happens I will be lucky. I happily skyped the number and the women did not sound very happy about my it!

I have a blog, and will bash this company on all the expat sites I am linked too, plus generally make their life miserable. Thank you for your site! In this case, I do feel better knowing I have company.

Constance Houck

Anonymous said... is one the companies I'm getting quote for moving and after reading the posts, I will not even touch this company with a 50 ft pole.

Thank you so much for posting your experience about this rotten company.

I'm just plainly floored by the fact such a rotten company is allowed to exist to scam more people.