Thursday, October 30, 2008

A different angle...

Here's a customer that was ripped off in an entirely new way!

I am suddenly moving to New Zealand. I have contacted several of the recommended international movers posted on this site , and have been waiting for weeks for a quote. I then went on to IntlMOVE Inc. North Miami Beach, Fla; does anyone have any comments about them? We had our questions answered, so we thought, but now have some reservations. They asked for a deposit of $1200 and said when they received that, we would get a contract. They received it, and said that our file was being handed over to operations to arrange pickup, and we'd get a contract then. That was not what they said first. The complicated thing is our belongings are in the US at a friend's house and we are in Canada. When they contacted our friend for pickup, that is exactly what they said they would do - pickup. Initially, the quote included packing and inventory ; all of our things are packed and inventoried by us, but don't they have to also check this for custom and insurance purposes? Also, what is the best way to get insurance? I have asked them , but never received a response. There is only personal belongings (i.e. clothes, books, etc). I'd apprecaite your comments


Anonymous said...

Well, I have seen several bad reviews about intlmove but in my honest opinion, even big companies have had bad reputation or rip off reports. So it will be your prerogative if you'll choose to believe all the things you see on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree to you. I myself have heard some bad stuff about intlmove but there are some good stuff about them as well.

Larry Hering said...

Intlmove is, to put it brief, a company which should be put out of business. They are blatant, over the top crooks. I recommend that you stay away from them.

You can email me any time for a full description of their scam.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

IntlMOVE is currently trying to extort money from my husband and I as they are currently holding our possessions "hostage." We already paid them in full prior to pick up, and 7 weeks into this move, we just received an unexpected email asking for $2400 more before they will proceed. I will do whatever I can to expose IntlMOVE for the thieves that they are. Any recommendations as to what we should do next regarding this situation (besides contact an attorney, govt offices, various websites, the police, and an investigative journalist)?

Gurmeet Taplin said...

The same thing happened to me BUT I refused to reward their bad behaviour . I picked up my goods at additional cost and gave my business to another company.. They also operate under another name Ontime moving-STAY AWAY from these crooks-they do bait and switch once they get your goods. The person I was dealing with also disappeard when they got my money. This is a father David , mother Gloria a son in law -Eric who by the way runs Operations but he does not know anything about your items . He is David's puppet. My goods were sitting @ warehouse 16600 NW 54th street. They made me sign a shipment release but I wrote on paper signed without verification. They take your goods, pick thru the items, steal your stuff and sell the rest if you do not give in to their Hostage demands. I have been told to report this to by local news reporter.

I am a also reporting them to the federal maritime commission. This company needs to be SHUTDOWN!!!!!!