Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just looking for money

A heartbreaking story from the web. Shame on you Intlmove!

Intlmove sent a pick up agent to Georgia and after that I didn't hear from them, a month later I emailed them. Four days later they answered me with a bill for $3,383. for overflow, professional packing and storage. When I sent a representative to pick up part of my load to reduce it they sent all my load to there warehouse in Florida. 

They wanted more money or they would auction my things. Mean time I have a sick mother, I'm sick myself and my grand daughter waiting for her toys and personal things. We had to rent a futton to sleep on and later turn it in because we couldn't even afford that and made a bed of foam and a wood panel placed on bricks.

I contacted every agency I could. The only one that helped some was Federal Maritime Commission. But Intlmove kept my money and I was forced to beg for money to get a deposit for another company to pick up my load and ship it for me. Now I'm still working on getting the rest of the money before my load gets to Puerto Rico.



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