Thursday, October 30, 2008

My story

Here's what happened to me, as posted elsewhere on the web. Beware!

In my entire life, I have never seen anything like this. Allow me to give some highlights. The initial quote for my move from California to London was $1795 and 6 weeks. In the end the charge was $4,281.51 and the move has taken 18 weeks.

They sent me two sets of bills for supposed overages. The first I paid without comment, but at the second I protested. I emailed them asking to explain why they kept wanting more money and when it would stop. They responded by only one week after their request for funds charging my $600 to store my belongings because they had to put my move on 'hold' because I had not paid them. $600 for one week of storage!

They had all of my belongings and so I had very little bargaining power. All I can do is post reviews to sites like these to try to make sure no one has to go through this again.

The worst part of this is the unbelievable attitude that the staff has. They basically screamed at me if I was even a day late filling in some apparantly irrelevant paperwork, but took weeks to respond to me about where my stuff was. I have asked them repeatedly to let me speak to a manager about the egregious over-charges, but they have never gotten back to me.

Stay away from! 

Also, be sure to see this other review:

Ben m.
Mercer Island, Washington


Anonymous said...

Hello to anyone who is thinking of using IntlMove - DON"T!!

We are still in the middle of this nightmare and it's not over yet! Having been fleeced out of $10,350 for a house move from Sarasota to UK, original quote $4,873 - they are still demanding another $1365 and we've only received a part shipment.


Anonymous said...

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